Automation Software Products

The ExacCAD software tools are built around the functional divisions that commonly exist in the electronics design process.  They are intended to help Engineers, Designers, Librarians, and other Engineering, Purchasing, and Manufacturing coordinators work faster and more efficiently from the beginning to the end of the design cycle.

Schematic Capture


Tools and utilities to help engineers and PCB designers work with the schematic.

Design Management


The Design Info tool manages design metadata throughout the design process.


PCB Layout


Place and Route occupy the majority of the PCB designer's time and effort.  ExactCAD provides a number of tools to make these tasks faster and easier, and to create better designs.


Post Processing


Creating all the output files, drawings, and other data is a necessary part of the PCB Designer's job, but we would like it to happen as quickly and efficiently as possible.


System Configuration


ExactCAD tools can be customized to work in any design environment, adapting to the way you already work.  There is no need to make changes to your existing processes in order to use them.  ExactCAD tools are designed to do what you already do, but do it faster, with less effort and less errors.

Other Goodies

Phonebook: A generic phonebook program that works in any environment that uses Microsoft Directory Services.  Find anyone in the directory with very loose search terms.

See videos of many of the ExactCAD tools in action on my Youtube channel here.  Also check out the Mentor Graphics PCB Systems Automation and Scripting user forum.  I am there a lot and participate as much as I can.

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