ExactCAD Services

Custom Software Development


If you or your company has a need for a custom script or application, I may be able to help you out.  There is a good chance I already have something similar to build on or modify to suit your needs.


I have created interfaces to all of the following applications:


  • Mentor Graphics Expedition and Xpedition too flows, including DxDesigner, DxDatabook, Variant Manager, Expedition, Fablink, Drawing Editor, Cell Editor, PDB Editor,  and schematic symbol creation.


  • MS Office: Word, Excel, Access


  • Adobe Acrobat (full version)


  • SolidWorks


  • SQLite


Basically, if a software application has a COM interface with good documentation, I can make a script or application to talk to it.


Software projects I've successfully completed range from one-line scripts to complete applications with thousands of lines of code.  The complete ExactCAD suite of software involves over 170,000 lines of code.



Languages: I primarily use vb.net, but can also work in vbscript and C#.net.



Other notes:


  • I'm an ITAR Compliant US Citizen


  • 3rd Normal Form data design.



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