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My Drawing Notes tool is now available for download.  See the links in the downloads page.





I'm working on making executables that will be compatible with Mentor versions 7.9.3 and up.  For each software tool, I also need to compile for 32 and 64 bit versions of the Mentor tools.  This ends up making a lot of files - 170 at last count with the applications I currently have available.  This will take some time.  At any moment, any files with blue hyperlinks are ready and available to download.


At the same time I'm implementing a better security system for all the executable files, which means I am replacing all of them.





 VX.2.x Evaluation versions of all the ExactCAD tools are now available on the Downloads page.  These versions are compatible with the Mentor Xpedition VX.2.2 release, with the latest dlls, and are compiled for 64bit systems.


There are several new tools included with this release:


For DxDesigner:  (yes, I know they renamed it)


- Cleanup Text and XREFs - A tool that cleans up the XREF properties of on/off page connectors in the schematic.

- Page Navigator - A very simple and easy to use tool that helps the user navigate the schematic sheets

- Get Datasheet - Using a configurable symbol property and directory path, opens a datasheet for selected parts.

- Last Used Unused Designators - Scans the schematic and lists any unused designators, and the highest value designator for each component type.


For Xpedition:


- Replace Vias - Use this tool to replace vias, change the net assigned to them, and globally replace vias based on whether or not the via is covered by a part on the top or bottom of the board.

- Snap Vias - Adds vias at the location of selected circles on any user layer.  Useful for when component cells have preferred via locations specified on a user layer.

- Add Shield Walls - Does all the tedious work needed to place cutouts in the board for RF shield walls on boards that live inside machined chassis enclosures with pockets for each RF circuit. Or any other board that has cutouts. Lets the user specify the wall thickness and all needed clearances for routing and placement keepouts and solder mask, then adds all the features to define the cutouts to the board, including precisely shaped contours.  Uses any combination of lines, polygons, and circles on any user layer to define the cutout region.  Will alter the board outline if a cutout crosses the board edge. The tool includes a function to add radii to the joints of the userlayer polylines and polygons, so the resulting cutouts have no sharp corners.



-DxDatabook Maintenance - A simple interface for maintaining an SQLite data source for DxDatabook.  Add, delete, or modify records,  Find text anywhere in the database. Sort the current table on any column. Filter the visible data on any value in any column.

- Update Design - A tool that updates the project file in an Xpedition database with configurable values for Central Library, DxDatabook configuration file, Special Components file, and RSCM server.


Individual pages will be added for all these new tools shortly.  Contact ExactCAD with any questions about how to use them and for pricing information.  Several of the new tools will be free.



5/5/2017: Upgrade to Small Pad Exit has been implemented.  The tool is now fully parametric.  It also supports adding bends to the pad exit shape.


4/25/2017: Trial versions of some of the ExactCAD products are now available on the Downloads page.


Professional Experience


Patrick has a diverse background.  It includes 16 years of experience designing PCBs.  He has worked as a PCB Designer at:


  • Honeywell Engines & Systems


  • Raytheon Missile Systems


  • BAE Systems


  • Aeroflex / Cobham AvComm




He has also worked as a Mechanical Engineering consultant for:



  • Inter-Fab, designing, modeling, and simulating the performance of swimming pool slides.



Patrick is a self-taught software developer, starting out with the Mentor Graphics Ample language, then moving on to VB6, VB.net,  and C#.net.  Writing software to enhance ECAD systems has been an integral part of his work since 2006.





One Size Does Not Fit All.


"We don't do that here."  "This is how we do it."  "That doesn't work for us."


We've all heard statements like these at work.  They present a big challenge for software developers who are trying to sell their products to many customers, but don't have the time to customize the software to fit the individual needs of every customer.


ExactCAD software is designed from the ground up to work anywhere, in any kind of process, where all the design databases, files, and design outputs are created differently, named differently, and stored in different locations.   There is a configuration process to complete, but once that's done, all the ExactCAD tools will work in your environment like they were designed for you.





Patrick is interested in his family, with three grown children and his wife Heather.  He also enjoys motorcycles, mountain biking, and kayaking.


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